The world of real estate finance: urban pedagogy

Where does the money to build and repair buildings come from? How is it controlled? What fights happen about it? In preparation for an exhibition and DVD commissioned by CAVS, Rich has spent the semester learning about mortgage markets, banking regulation, and financial literacy in an attempt to answer these questions.  In this presentation, he’ll do his best to make sense of it.

CUP is a nonprofit organization that does creative education about places and how they change. CUP brings artists and designers together with community-based advocates and researchers to create public education projects ranging from high school curricula and public installations to websites and TV shows.

Recent projects include: an exhibition on the urbanism of Knoxville, Tennessee; historical signage for a Brooklyn hip-hop clothing mecca; and redesigning public school classrooms as nomadic environments. Learn more at

CUP works with youth to create collaborative projects that explore the urban environment. Our educational projects build on the everyday experiences of young people to ask questions about democracy, civic participation and social justice. We believe that civic engagement requires a new kind of civic education, one that explains how important decisions actually get made, what is at stake, and how residents can be involved. Our projects use art, design, and technology to draw the connections between everyday life and the decisions that give it form.

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