I started looking into this curious book titled: “Change the world for a fiver -50 simple actions to change the world and make you feel good“. Apparently in Great Britain, this book was realised to launch a movement called We Are What We Do, with the underlying idea that if anybody start doing -the same- very simple and little thing, then the final effect would be tremendous.

I support -strongly- this idea and I will report time to time the ideas that I found very interesting. I will start today with the concept of Trashware:

Trashware often means “badly designed or useless software,”  but in recent years the term has came to indicate something else which could have an important impact on computer users. I use trashware to refer to trashed hardware. We all see perfectly good working computers dumped as soon as the latest and cutest software slows them down. But trashware is not trash, and a number of groups are working to save those “obsolete” computers from the landfill and using free software to make them useful again for fun, profit, or service.

There are lots of resources on the net on trashware. Here an initial list of links.

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