Tri-variable interface

I designed today tri-variabgle visualization to represent the three factor chosen in the Biosphera project and to give a way to the user to play with different combination of the variables over time. The idea is that these variables can assume different values along the day and that the modification of one variable can have an effect on the others. Consistently, I am trying to represent the following concepts:

1- value of each variable in the system

2- interaction between each variable

3- projected (wanted) value of one variable and instantaneous (current) one

4- definition of the wanted value in time


Additionally, I am trying to merge the control and the sensory information in one single visualization system. When the user is modifying a variable s/he might also want the variable to be represented in the current status and the time it takes to reach the projected wanted value. There is also an issue on how to match this information with the virtual and physical world. The user should be using the system to build a story. The story should be represented on the virtual side and have many different alternatives and decide which apply best. The the final version of the story should affect the physical domain.

Tri-Variable Timeline2-1

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