Trip to Canon Beach, Oregon

This week end we visited Canon Beach, in Oregon. It was truly one of the best w.e. ever here in America. The landscape was astonishing. We spent hours on the beach, playing with the sand, walking, bird-watching. It was a great emotion: our first time facing the Pacific ocean (my foot in the water). The water was freezing, I couldn’t believe that people were swimming in that cold.

On Saturday, we ate at the Lumberyard, a nice and cosy restaurant. We had crab and shrimps pankakes! On Sunday I managed to buy a kite that I am planning to fly next Saturday. We found this nice place called Pinky’s Kite Factory: they had tons of different kites and it was very hard to choose.

Img 2951  Img 2953

Img 2974  Img 2986

Img 2997  Img 3015

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