Urban planning

Study more deeply the field of urban planning to justify the project and to build a better scenario.
Did some biographical research on the subject.

I have to find a way to create a conceptual framework where the students can compare their work and activate a cognitive process above it. For example dividing in groups and comparing the results at the end.

[analysis – actions] ——–> [synthesis – cognitive process] ———> [new step – starting over with new hypothesis]

What students need to understand from the course? What are the key ideas?
How do they usually achieve these ideas? What are the tools usually used to grasp the ideas?
Is it possible to use technology to support the cognitive processes o these topics?

> meta-cognitive / epistemological < How these ideas are related? Is there a structure among these ideas? Are there ideas which can be considered more prevalent on the others? cartography - semantic maps - geometrical relationship - urbanism

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