Usability of a disposable underwater camera

This summer I had the opportunity to play with disposable underwater cameras. I tried the a Fuji and a Kodak. It was fun but there were a couple of factors that made me love the Fuji more than the Kodak:

1- First of all the price: both of them are priced 10.25 USD in the States but the Fuji had an immediate discount of 1 USD (almost 10% less).

2- The cameras comes with an elastic stripe that you can use to hold the camera while swimming. However the Fuji stripe is already attached to the camera while you need to attach the stripe to the Kodak.

3- The shutter button is extremely small in the Kodak impairing its use while underwater. In the Fuji one the shutter is a big lever, its operation is extremely comfortable.

4- Some simple instructions of use are printed in the back of the camera but the instructions on the Fuji are easier to understand.

5- I have to admit that the quality of the pictures of the Kodak camera was higher but I cannot tell wether this depends on the fact that I used the Kodak after the Fuji and that I was more accustomed to taking pictures underwater with the previous experience.


Quicksnap Image  0476936-R1-004-0A-1


Ekn026337 250X200-1  0474236-R1-032-14A

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