Using web annotations for asynchronous collaboration around documents

J. Cadiz, A. Gupta, and J. Grudin. Using web annotations for asynchronous collaboration around documents. In Proceeding of Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW’00), pages 309–318, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, December, 2-6 2000. [pdf]


This paper presents a study of annotations on specs documents made using Microsoft Office web annotations. The authors presented statistics of usage over nine thousands annotations made on 1243 documents by 450 developers at Microsoft.

Interestingly, the authors noted as some limitations in the interaction desing of the annotation system affected the level of discussion in the annotations: a small portion of the notes were involved in threads with multiple answers.

The authors identified the changes awareness as an important mechanism for the users to be aware of the changes included in the system and the availability of new notes.

Office Web-Notes

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