We Built This City: Developing Students’ Understanding of Ecology Through the Professional Practice of Urban Planning

K. L. Beckett and D. W. Shaffer. We built this city: Developing students’ understanding of ecology through the professional practice of urban planning. In Y. B. Kafai, W. A. Sandoval, N. Enyedy, A. S. Nixon, and F. Herrera, editors, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICls), page 587, Santa Monica, CA, June 22–26 2004. University of California Los Angeles, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This paper illustrates a system called Madison 2200 that hopes to support children’s learning of the environment unlike modeling programs such as StarLogo or augmented reality environments. The learning environment of this study is augmented by reality: the problem solving is guided by real-world tools and practices.