What is MapTribe?

MapTribe is a tool for collaboratively building and sharing a personal representation of the city.

Everyone has a mental map of the city, which contains reference points and objects intrinsically connected with the social life of the person. The city is a social fact, therefore the mental map of the city is a social fact, and as such it emerge from the social interactions we have.

MapTribe is a software running on SmartPhones (J2ME enabled mobiles), which is able to display the map part of the city where you are in. In addition, it adds to this representation the position of a group of friends you can define plus objects you or them create to visualise your mental map.

MapTribe give you a way to trace your positions, leave landmarks, define areas, limits, or paths, enabling you to represent the way you see the city and to compare your vision with those of your peers. From the following negotiation an understanding arises, which we plan to support and explore further.


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