When life begins

I really enjoyed this discussion as I think we really need to talk about these issues. I personally consider myself as a pro-life person although I do not really like labels. Labels are made by politicians and always make extreme cases and opinions and help making statistics …

I subscribe to what many commenters said about what is to be considered as a central issue, that is when life begins! Depending on this we might talk about an object (a group of cells) or a human being.

I personally think that life begins when the egg is fertilized and from that point on we can consider that group of cells as a human being. Then everything else follows, like: who has the right to decide on that life?

I also agree to other opinions expressed in the comments like that of the ‘unwanted child’ but for which I think there are viable solutions (like giving the child to a couple that cannot have children).

Also I think that things are not always black and white as depicted in the original post. Although I am pro-life I also think that sex is a good thing and should be explored freely with “the courtesy” of not implying someone else’s life into play. I am in favor of anti-conception systems like condoms or women pills to avoid the union of the egg and the sperm (sorry for my poor language here but I lack some vocabulary).

As we do not want to be played in our own life, we should not do that with others’ lives. Conception should be a responsible choice. People should not be forced to be parents if they do not want to, but in the same way, fetus should not be killed because somebody said: “Oops!”.

Then all the corollary of extreme cases like: “the mother was risking her life to give birth to a sick child”, I think are just rhetorical cases taken by politicians to justify their point. If we really want to look at statistics then we should consider the fact that the majority of abortions are those of healthy fetus that are simply not wanted.

My two cents.

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