Action-Driven Ontologies of the Geographical Space

G. Câmara, A. M. Vieira-Monteiro, J. Paiva, and R. C. M. deSouza. Action-driven ontologies of the geographical space. In M. J. Egenhofer and D. M. Mark, editors, GIScience 2000, Savannah, GA, October 28–31 2000. AAG.

This paper, like per Kuhn’s one (\ref{Kuhn01}), aim at adding more dimension to ontologies of geographical kinds. The aim is to make these tools more aware of the user’s side, considering the dynamical character of geographical entities and the intentionality dimensions of the geographical space. The former aim at thinking about the usage of the data stored into the system, particularly at the representation in which those will be used. The latter add a different perspective to the geographical objects considering their evanescence embedded in their nature.