Towards an XML-Based Representation of Collaborative Action

A. Martínez-Monés, P. D. L. F. Redondo, and Y. Dimitriadis. Towards an xml-based representation of collaborative actions. In Proceedings of the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference CSCL2003, Bergen, Norway, June 14–18 2003.

The main idea contained in this paper is that CSCL lacks of tools for representing the interactions as this is considered to be fundamental for understanding the collaborative learning. For the author, the proposed solution, in XML, may support the evaluation of the collaborative learning. For me, it also add an important dimension to the support of the learning process per se. Finally, this paper contains the definition of what is a Collaborative Action: “An action that by itself or by its effects can be perceived by at least a member of the group distinct of the one that performed the action.”