consensus based location

Finally I managed to spend some time reflecting on the recent discussion about folk taxonomy or folksonomy. Obviously there are lots of disadvantages in leaving a huge freedom to people to pick up their own keyword to describe the content. On the other hand there are people that advocate for a spontaneous rise of a shared meaning. I would adhere to a “middle-earth philosophy”, where context sets the boundaries and the natural alveum to constraint the unleashed meaning of words. In my idea, we cannot expect these discontinuous connections among different network resources to bring towards a huge shared meaning. Vice-versa, we can expect something better from the location based content. The difference I can see between the two resides in the context that is pretty much defined by the geographical space in the latter case.

There I expect to be a certain degree of redundancy that can correct difference in meaning, or at least, can make them more self evident, as a first step towards a consensus.

I am interested in hearing your opinion on this.

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