Evolving Communication through the Inference of Meaning

Today I found this interesting link on the inference of meaning. It may be an excellent starting point for developing an understanding of how people exchange contents. Particularly, I was interested in the approach of the author, who seems to not rely on my idea of grounded discussion. In fact, he believes that the transfer of meaning can also happen without any feedback on the communication process and particularly using: “signal redundancy paradox based on the inference of meaning and the disambiguation of potential referents through exposure in multiple contexts”. I still have to understand what it means but it sounds cool.

Andrew D.M. Smith’s PhD Thesis: Evolving Communication through the
Inference of Meaning

In this thesis, I address the problem of how successful communication systems can emerge between agents who do not have innate or explicitly transferable meanings, cannot read the minds of their interlocutors, and are not provided with any feedback about the communication process. I develop a solution by focusing on the role of meanings within the framework of language evolution, and on communication through the repeated inference of meaning.

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