GSM, GPS Tracker

This morning I have been puzzling around some blog posts, articles and web pages around the concept of building a GPS, GSM tracker. I started from this nice post of Chris Heatcote who used a commercial product, namely the GSM tracker of Aspicore, to track his movement into the city and attach a comment to those.

This approach of combining terrestrial and satellite positioning is becoming quite standard. I saw the same into many different project, one for all the MogiMogi hunting game. The extra bit is this idea of using the external Bluetooth GPS module, that would allow more phone models to play with the same application.

The final note is that I was amazed by the fact that many persons seems to be excited by this kind of use of technology without a socially defined use for it. I am referring particularly to these posts [1], [2], [3]. This is just the beginning.

Speaking with Zeno, we thought that could be a nice semester project to develop a J2ME Open Source implementation of this GPS tracker.


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