Python for Series60 is now Open Source

Yeah, the big news of this week is that Nokia released the code of its port of Python for the series 60 [see also]. The port is now hosted at sourceforge and the latest version has been updated to 1.3.1 which improves stability, audio support, SMS parsing and a lot more.

What can you do with Python on a phone? A lot! You should have a look at Jürgen Scheible generous tutorials on how to access the basic functionalities of the phone and use these small bricks to build very sophisticated applications. Amazing!

Jürgen, used Python in his project MobileLenin and interactive art exhibition where visitors could vote and interact with a piece using the mobile phone.

On a side I am hoping to use Python into my PhD thesis. I am planning to have a Google Map client that allow the user to annotate the maps adding small messages that can shared with friends. At the moment the script I have is very basic but I am planning to improve it and to post some more about it in the next days.

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