LIFT06 Day 2: running notes

These are my running notes of Day 2 here at LIFT06. A full resume is going to follow shortly.

The quote of the day is:

Easyjet made Europe much more than what the EU did.



DATE: February, 3, 2006




The Ordinary People’s Revolution

The internes has undergone three phases: pioneers, the golden rush and the ordinary people.

The New Economy is Back.

Two new terms: TransformActors -> people that can transform old practices into new digital content/practices. (ex. Apple, ex. digital banking).

ConsumActors -> a lot of consumer are active. The consumer will add value to the product to finishing all the features of the product. (ex. Easyjet)

There are today 100 millions blogs. There is no other media out there that has the same amount of consumer. This is going to drive the new business models.

E-banking is only algorithms. The ebanking organization is changing the structures to which we are used. The trading habits is also changing: young people use more the new technology. Trends: transparency, self-service, internet users, low cost banking. The ebanking model is not charging for holding the money but is charging for each transactions.

Alain de Vulpian: ‘From a rigidly regulated mass society to a living networking society’


Innovation Lab: when theme parks, think thanks and companies collide. A new strategy on innovation, communication, and motivation.

Innovation has become a cricial factor in vertually every business. Innovation is facing several changes: there are silos everywhere, play is still quesitoned, no time for focussing.

Themepark are a unity of space design, content, “experience”.

Think Tanks is one of the fastest growing tools for science, publishing, spin, media and communication.

Innovation labs are temporary installations where poeple comes together from different areas to work on specific ideas. [temporery, guerrilla, instant, open, play] [collaboration, co-ompetition, open sourse]


Global Microbranding

What is the relatioship of blogging and marketing.


global microbranding is a kind of brands that are privatly owned and that the owner use to make business globally.

Word of mouth is the best medium of all for marketing a product. The best advertise is the disruptive markets. [skype example: succesful product without commercials]

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning and just blog and get paid?

Links he’s citing are on his blog:

The market for something to believe in is infinite. (business tripled in about 3(?) months) — reasons for success (the blog works): good writer, and engaging personality of the guy who does the blog.

stormhoek sales doubled in less than 12 months (people started to write about it)

Best marketing is not word of mouth but disrupting markets. You’ve heard of Skype because it changes the rules => very easy conversation to have: “Hey, I don’t pay for my long-distance calls anymore!”

Robert: even if you have a bad product, and start blogging about the product and listen to what people are saying and are willing to change… that’s what the future of corporate blogging is. (It’s starting to be possible.)

Now executives are having dinner meetings with bloggers and normal people.


Co-creation [1]

OMC group

The dominant managerial logic is Company Think

Innovation competence is cuirrently located in the R&D.

Customers needs to be motivates; listen to the custormers; greater benefits for the user; creating trust; lock in avoidance.

The open-source innovation can still consent conent to the companies to stay in control of the production process.

Customers define value accordin to the quality of their interaction they provide. (I whould add also some form of reward. Nobody does something for nothing).


The V***** Project

Founder of Infodesign

Life is made od links -> sharing brings joy.

What people like to do is to share places and pictures.

VIZTA project people places pictures ->


Thingamy — something to build a product management system?


Open Design

Media and Design Laboratory at EPFL

There is a shift of the locus where usual activities happens. Average cost of phisical vs virtual stransactions is incredibly smaller in the virtual world. Phisical backs are disappearing.

How to combine physical and virtual technology?

Activities that took place in the real world are now translated into virtual activities.

Pysical places can also be considerated as interfaces to navigate through virtual environments.

Architecture can be considered as an interface. -> Shift of authorship (open design). The creative act is the concept where the user is actively creating its content.

Every citizen is a reporter [ohmynews] 40000 active citizen reporters.

What are the benefits of open design?

– lot of help from the community

– no agenda

– opportunity for everlasting

– larger audience

– cheap

– security (coillective debugging)

The traditional design model whants the consumer to buy the design aretefacts to pay the author. In the open deign concept, you have the user direclty implicated in the production process.

Some good examples shows that open design might have some good effects for the design and the community [Open Wall, cambridge] [Open Mirror, bathroom two-way bathroom mirror]

What is the role of the open design in design? The designer might regulate the production and reflection process between the author/consumer and the artifacts.





He tried to change the way employee of bbc would communicate about their work outside the company channels.

Folksonomies, for instance, may help to make visible the structure of your organization: what is important and what is not.

He basically offered to the employee a bouquet of different toold [blog, wiki, etc.] trying to keep them simple and separate to begin with.


Corporate Blogging

Participating in the business conversation.



Rule number 1: if you don’t get people that links to you than you do not exist.

(85% of search traffic to Channel 9 comes from Google)

Most of the success today is given by the word of mouth network. I saw blogs going from obscurity to success in an hour becouse of a certain news.

[pops-up, a service for tracking some specific keywords in the blogosphere]

Blogging can be used to understand the flaws of a certain idea as an anti-marketing marketing tool.

Embrace transparency!

One of the advice I gave to Bill Gates is that if you want to blog you have to ccommit to it. Blogging is a conversation and if you cannot commit¬† to this conversation then don’t do it. You need to be sincere, you need to devote some time to it.

Nowadays you need to be honest bacuse with this new communication channels you cannot get along easily or for a long time without being discovered.

Integrety and Autenticity = Trasparency

You can be fully transparent maintaining your privacy. 

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