Revealing Common Ground

Borovoy, R., Martin, F., and Resnick, M. (1999). Revealing common ground: Augmentation on the edges of interpretive communities. In Hoadley, C. and Roschelle, J., editors, Proceedings of the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Palo Alto, California, USA. Stanford University, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Available from:

This paper present a new approch to computationally augment the interaction people have in an on-line community to jumpstart the search for common ground.

They distinguish between common knowledge and mutual knowledge. The former is defined as the knowledge that is shared but not known to be shared. The latter is the knowledge that is shared and known to be shared (Krauss & Fussell, 1990).

They define m-cue as artifacts that augment the edge of interpretative community by transforming an existing pattern of common knowledge into mutual knowledge.

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