SVG Mobile in a commercial context

Commercial services using SVG Tiny are already in use on cellphones in Japan; other countries are expected to see such services shortly.

For example, here are some shots of a real Mobile Commerce application developed by KDDI Corp., – a major Japanese cellular phone carrier and member of the SVG Working Group – in partnership with JCB Co., Ltd., Toyota Finance Corp., Mitsui Sumitomo Card Co., Ltd., and UC Card Co., Ltd. It is using the SVG Tiny implementation from KDDI running on the KDDI “au” 3rd-generation CDMA20001x phones which have color screens. The customer is being shown an SVG map of the nearest participating store; in the next screen, zooming on the map reveals more details of how to get to the store, including smaller streets not visible on the larger view; in the last shot, the opening hours and contact details of the store are displayed in SVG as the customer walks towards the store to make a purchase just before closing time.