Trip to Vancouver and Victoria

Finally I managed to find a couple of minutes to post some of the pictures I took during our last week end in Vancouver and Victoria. The trip started awfully as we had to wait 2 hours in the car due the cue at the Canadian border (Davide was not very happy). Finally we managed to reach Vancouver. We lodged at University of British Columbia. All the student, in this period of the year, spend the whole afternoon doing picnic on the sea side :-). The weather was amazing. The next day we could meet some Italian friends that cooked for us “Gnocchi”: something incredible compared to the “junk” food to which we got used.

We had the chance to visit Vancouver, a truly beautiful city. Lots of skyscraper in Granville but no chaos at all. The air was really clean. On the way to the ferry we spotted Buckminster Fuller‘s dome (one of my little passions), a construction hosting a science museum. On the ferry heading Victoria we spotted some Otters swimming close to the boat.

Victoria was amazing. I could not believe to find so many interesting things to visit and British people all in one place! The Royal BC museum was wonderful as well as the seafood.

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