Xavier Comtesse on the new economy: TransformActors

X. Comtesse pushed today these two concepts on the role of people in the new economy:

  1. TransformActors: people who by using new algorithm are able to transform what has been previously done by machines or organizations. Example. Marc Bürki who started a bank after his engineering degree at EPFL but had never worked in a bank. The same goes for Amazon: Jeff Bezos had never worked in a book shop.
  2. ConsumActors: as said earlier, it’s when the users are empowered by the company/platforms and clients have to do part of the job, as with low-cost airline companies such as easyjet.

I like this idea of being able of transform old practices into new digital/practices. Now what I am not sure is whether this belongs only to people professionally involved with this. I am pretty sure that this revolution pertains to the people. So actually people that transform will be the same people that will consume. What I think, is that the whole consumer model is getting questioned here.


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